Hello everybody. As you may know, since you are in the 26" forum, there are not very many options for rim brake 26" rims, and even less for tubeless compatible options. My family owns a few different 26" rims braked bikes and we love tubeless. Right now we use rims from a company called Velocity and they work very well, but there are very limited options. The two main options are the A23 which is too narrow:Velocity Wheels - Hand Made in USA and the Cliffhanger which is wide enough but too heavy:Velocity Wheels - Hand Made in USA. I recently contacted Velocity to see if they would make some 26" Quill rims, their newest model, that is wide enough, light, and strong. Here is the link for the 700c version (the only size they currently make, I was informed that 650b would be soon to come):Velocity Wheels - Hand Made in USA. When I asked about getting the rims this is the response I received:Special Order Velocity Quill 26"-capture.png
200 rims is way to many for us to order, we were probably going to order 4 or 6 if they made any. It is a far stretch, but if we can get enough people interested Velocity might make some 26" Quill rims for us, and it would be absolutely sick.

Please reply with a post showing your interest if you are interested.