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    Rim Sizing Question


    I am thinking about upgrading my 19mm rims to 24mm rims. I run a 2.25 tire in the back. However, I have very little clearance right now between the chainstays on the 19mm rim.

    I am curious, would upgrading to the 24mm rim prevent the clearance and cause rub on the chainstay? I know a fair amount about bikes, but rims and sizing have always confused me.

    Any help is appreciated
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    I have increased rim width size on my Crosscheck and it will definitely increase the tire width. I probably wouldn't do it, if you already have a tight fit.

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    It's hard to say. I just switched to 25mm from 19 and 2.3 tire from 2.1 on a bike that didn't have a ton of clearance at the chainstay. It's now tight but no rub. All else being equal, the existing tire might still fit but depends on how the profile changes. Usually the tread will flatten/widen out a bit at the outer edge, but might only increase width at the sidewall nearer the rim.

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