• 10-09-2017
    Ordered a new Sundeal M7-SL
    After spending months looking at this bike and trying to decide between it and the 27.5's, 29ers, 1x's, ect, ect I decided to stick with what I know. They cost $430 but I had a 10% discount code so it only cost me $389. Hell of a bike for that price.

    Sundeal is the house brand for Ideal, who makes bikes for bigger companies like Raleigh, Giant and whoever. The parts spec is great and the headtube is tapered so upgrading to a nice 27.5 fork shouldn't be an issue. I don't know if the XC28 is the alu steerer version or not. I'll post unboxing pics when it gets here.


  • 10-12-2017
    In case anyone is interested, I got it today. weighed exactly 28lbs without pedals. I put on a saddle I already had and chopped another 1/4lb off. Of course as soon as I had it ready to test ride it started raining.

    Nevermind, this site isn't letting me post pics.
  • 10-13-2017
    Thanks for posting. I've been curious about those. I've been even more curious about the Steppenwolf suspension models the same site is selling for a couple grand each.

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  • 10-13-2017
    I'm thinking about buying a second one and keeping it in the box since nobody is making nice 26's anymore. Pics don't do it justice, the frame is really nice.

  • 10-15-2017
    Nice. I can't see the pics above. Looks good in first pics but need to see some dirt on it.

    That reminds me of my first mtn bike. An internet bike too, the forge sawback was popular for it's value ten years ago.