OMG first Post-gotta Pop the cherry sometime - Old school Litespeed Obed Ti hardtail-
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    OMG first Post-gotta Pop the cherry sometime - Old school Litespeed Obed Ti hardtail

    Hi and Thanks in advance - picked up a used mtb on craigslist for $450 - its completley stock (Rkshox Judy SL on front ) and needs a tuneup - I want to throw a 27.5" wheel on front , change the fork and modernize the geometry even further with a shorter stem - I've emailed Litespeed about this - the response is : " a different rake and longer travel from the original fork used would be needed. Most MTB forks now days are tapered and would not work with that older straight style headtube. You'll probably need to find something older. Your local bike shop would be the best place to get something like this done" -
    Also in a follow up response to my 650b in front question they said could be clearance issues w/ tire to frame (i've already seen pictures of a modified LTSPD Obed with 650b F/R)
    My question : any ideas on the specific suspension fork(s) I should be lookin @ - my goal is to have an extreme trail shredder to keep up with modern rigs and make other riders do a double take at this 90's bike bombing past them -
    I'm a bit of a weight weenie but need to strike a balance with downhill ability and lightweight - not willing to use anything from rockshox - i'm loyal to marzocchi and fox - but tryin to keep an open mind. Thank You .

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    Yeah, your available fork options are slim. The Manitou Markhour in either 26" or 27.5 can be had with a straight steerer. Or you can go to White Brothers and ask them to build you a fork with a straight steerer. That's what I did a couple years back when I needed a fork for a Salsa single speed I was building. Don't know if they still do that but wouldn't hurt to check if you want a better fork than the Markhour. But the Markhour isn't a bad fork. I have one on a loaner bike and I'd say it's way better than the Judy SL you have on now.

    I did a similar 650b conversion to my Ti Mojo I'll share my experience with. It's a '98 vintage so it had canti brakes and straight steerer. A couple years ago, I sent it off to have the canti studs lopped off and IS disc tabs welded on. Then a year or so ago I 650b converted it. First started with 2.2 WTBs but the tire/fork clearance was SLIM. Ditched those and put on 650b x 47 knobby gravel tires. Clearance was way better and the skinnier tires looked better on the Ti frame. And this is with 26" Reba. Also did the ghetto 1x conversion with the previous 9spd setup - no clutch derailleur but narrow wide chainring and short stem/wide handlebar.

    So now it's got a larger diameter wheel and simpler/lighter drivetrain but make no mistake, it's still a 90s hardtail with basically the same handling characteristics. It may have been "modernized" ever so slightly but don't think you'll have a new modern geometry bike afterwards. Also, going with a shorter stem isn't going to change the bikes geometry, it'll just change the reach so you'll be sitting more upright. If you truly want to turn that 90's Ti race hardtail into an extreme trail shredder, buy a new modern bike. It's still fun to ride and I've been choosing it nowadays due to all parks being "closed" and "open" only to hike/bike access use. As always, your particular frame/fork will dictate what you can fit.

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    Appreciate the response ! - manitou is another cringe brand for me , lookin at the White brothers options - def chargin ahead w/the 650B idea to separate from the vintage crowd - just a fun side project to enjoy no matter the outcome - well got that outta the way - thanks for going easy on me

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