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    My son wants to go 1x10 advice needed

    Hey guys still getting up to speed on all of the changes over the last 15-20 years. My 12yr old son is currently riding a 06 fuel ex8 on 26's with a 2x9 gearset (we pulled the large and put a guard in its place) He is asking me to change him over to a 1x10 setup. Thing is we mostly ride in the Tourne and Dickerson mines and he does go into the granny gear currently. What should i be looking at for gearing if we go this route. The shifters and rear derailer are the easy part. pull of the old replace with newer clutch style. The gearing I do not know and most of what I have found is based on 29ers and 27.5 gearing not even counting we are taking someone without the leg strength of and adult. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Cross posted on the kids forum as well thank you.
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    I'm not sure what gearing he's using now, but my old 2x9 granny was a 22t front with a 34t rear. With new 1x11 you can use a 30t front and 11-46t cassette which will give a very similar low gear to what he's using now. Sheldon Brown website has a convenient gear calculator you can use to compare - Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Gear Calculator

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    A Shimano SLX groupset including BB (XT), crank, 30t chainring, chain (XT), derailleur, shifter, 11-46t cassette, and cables is about 300 bucks from Jenson. There are other hacks to get even lower gearing if needed, including an add-on 49t cog and modified derailleur cage from Wolftooth, or a 50t cassette from Sunrace but I don't have experience with these.

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    I converted my kids bikes over. I used a 28 or 30 Narrow wide for the front and then a sunrace 11-40 tooth for the rear. You might need an extension link for the rear derailleur. I bought one from Wolftooth. That seemed to work for my kids bikes. We stayed 1X9 though due to the cost of buying the rest of the stuff to convert.

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    11s ends up costing less to get what works. An 11s SLX cassette is about 50 bucks, a shifter can be had for $10-20 depending on whos running sales this week.

    Go 11-46, with a 30t ring. Thats a huge range with a very low, effective granny, even for kids. If thats too easy later, get a 32t ring up front, or 34. Its hard to go wrong with that combo! An 11-42 would likely work too.

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    but what about the rear derailleur and wheelhub? isn't 11 speed 142mm and therefore needs a new rear wheel too? can't he just do a 10 speed sunrace 10-46t cassette and then keep the current rear hub?

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    If he can't spin it out currently I wouldn't worry about changing gearing. Pretty much the clutch would be the only benefit. You can buy extended range sun race cassettes for cheap. If he can make the climbs, can't spin out, and doesn't drop the chain I wouldn't waste the money.

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    Shimano 11 speed mtb cassettes are the same width as 10. So you can run Shimano mtb cassettes 9, 10, & 11 on the same hub
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    Don't need a new crank, just a ring. Steel narrow wide is $16. Aluminum is over $50. 1x11 is fairly cheap and almost the same price as going 1x10.

    Shifter is $30

    RD is about $70

    Cassette ranges from $60-100

    Chain is $20

    If you can find the new Deore ten speed parts, then you can run an extended range 10 speed cassette without mods (there is a new SLX 10 speed RD that can do it as well but I can't see a difference between it and the 11 speed version). The Deore set is plenty solid and can be had rather cheaply, especially if you can still get a Zee 10 speed shifter for $20. Barely have $100 not counting chainring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by party_wagon View Post
    I wouldn't waste the money.
    Exactly. I'd wait until the current stuff is worn out. Then you won't be throwing away perfectly good parts.

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