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    New question here. Giant Reign 3 (2006?) Fork/Shock Maintenance

    Hello all,

    So, I purchased a used Reign 3 about 2 years ago and am starting to really get into riding. I ride some trails in Alafia River State park mostly and they're pretty'd never imaging such a thing would exist in Florida.
    I'm pretty sure the bike was well maintained but I'd like to rebuild the fork and shock if I can. The front fork is starting to get noisy and it's over a decade old so I think it's time for some tlc, though it has no marring on the stanchions or oil leaks that I'm aware of.

    I haven't gotten into researching the rear shock yet, but from what I've been reading the turnkey damper can be replaced with a motion control damper from the Argyle shock on at least some of the Tora's.

    What I'm having trouble finding is if it can be done with the Rockshox Tora 006 RS 302 specifically.

    I've been looking at other shocks but finding one with QR compatibility seems tough and I'm not sure my hubs can be converted to thru-axle... also don't know that I want to spend the money on a new shock either never actually haven ridden anything else.

    Any knowledge or opinions you could throw my way sure would be appreciated!

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    As a quick update, I think this part will do:
    I'm going to pull the damper out of the shock tomorrow and measure it. The listing states that this one is 17cm long. If it measures out the same I think it will be a go.

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    Well, I went to pull the damper out of the shock to measure it only to find...nothing.
    Giant Reign 3 (2006?) Fork/Shock Maintenance-no-damper.jpg

    I'm pretty confused at this point and am not sure if I am able to add a damper or what kind of dampening this shock even has.

    I'm having a hard time finding a breakdown of a Tora that doesn't have some kind of damper in the right upper.

    If anyone can help out I sure would appreciate it.

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    I was under the impression that I would find something like this (what I assumed was my TK Damper):
    Name:  Turnkey Damper.jpg
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    (Though I don't know why because there is no knob on the top of my fork)

    And that I would be replacing it with something like this (the slightly different MoCo Damper):
    Name:  MoCo Damper.jpg
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    But I guess I have something more like this:
    Giant Reign 3 (2006?) Fork/Shock Maintenance-actual-damper.jpg

    Does anyone know if I can/should add the MoCo Damper?

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    Ok, so I found this and now I think I'm starting to under stand a bit more.
    MY fork didn't come with a lockout (obviously). So it seems I could simply add the lockout module or add the motion control damper.
    I'm assuming the MoCo damper simply compliments the damper already in the fork and adds additional control/lockout.
    Though it looks like there may be a different rebound assembly for the fork with the lockout:
    Giant Reign 3 (2006?) Fork/Shock Maintenance-fork-differences.png

    However, if you look at the rebound assembly for the 318 which has the MoCo damper it looks the same as the 302 which has nothing:
    Giant Reign 3 (2006?) Fork/Shock Maintenance-fork-differences-2.png

    My guess is that the damper assembly on the fork with the lockout has a blow-off valve that isn't needed on the fork without the lockout but I tend to doubt that a bit because why wouldn't they just put the blow-off valve in the lockout assembly instead of make such a big design change?

    Sure hope someone smarter than me can shed some light on this.

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