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    Forks, I need a fork

    I have an On One 456. I broke a fork dropout (no good story here, noticed it loading in onto car). and now need a fork around 140 mm (+-10mm) with 15mm TA.

    I am not seeing many selections and was hoping someone had an idea. forks I see are 500 or more and that is a lot for an old bike like this.


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    If it's tapered, use any 27.5 fork.

    If it's straight, I have a used revelation rlt titanium I could part with, buts it's a 20mm axle.

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    Fox made the float RLC in 140mm with a 15mm TA. You will probably want to setup a search for one though, they're not super common these days. If you had a decent fork, you may be able to find replacement lowers for it as well.
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    I'd get a rigid fork if you want to stick with that frame, plenty of 440-480 A2C forks that would work well.

    Might want to look at discounted 650B stuff to run 26" with.
    You could have picked up a Deedar and a 650B Factory 34 for around seven hundred from Planet X last year.

    edit: jestep and TGP have the best idea, if you can get parts--Fix it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by micky View Post
    I have an On One 456. I broke a fork dropout (no good story here, noticed it loading in onto car). and now need a fork around 140 mm (+-10mm) with 15mm TA.
    Looks like that bike has a straight head tube (non tapered). I assume it's 1 1/8"? Yeah, not many options. I know you're looking for ~140mm, but have you looked at Rockshox's Recon Silver TK (current model)? Available in 1 1/8 straight, air spring with rebound adj and lockout. I think there's a remote lockout option for it. It's advertised as a 100mm, but it's easy enough to remove spacers to get 120mm (or add to go to 80mm... not sure why, but whatever). Docs for that available from SRAM. I use this fork on a '03 Fisher Sugar 3+ at 120mm. Not a bad fork for $250 (JensonUSA). It's actually been good at smoothing little stuff and resisting bottom outs on the hard hits. 32mm stanchions, BTW.

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    Many RockShox forks are built with interchangeable parts. Assuming you have a RockShox fork, you can simply find lowers that will slide right onto the uppers. For example, I put the lowers of a 27.5 Sektor on my 26 1-1/8 straight tube Recon. As a bonus, I got more tire clearance.

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    ^^This, just replace the lowers though that is fraught with its own difficulties.

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    Rockshox Sektor. Great fork for that bike. Got the coil DPC for my 2005 Kinesis frame when I rebuilt it a year ago.

    150/120mm, 1 1/8" Steerer, QR15, 32mm stanchions.

    It's basically the same as the Rockshox Pike 26" when it was a 32mm stanchion fork... Only smoother. hARIsAEk21Fh9-QDrDQ-bvD4X0MU8fZubXlTwZpDrITKSSQl8bbRQ8Hv7zQPcfO4aAmKfE ALw_wcB

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