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    Drop Bars on a FS XC MTB (2x8 or 2x9)

    Is putting drop bars (flared) on a full-suspension XC stupid? I'm 5'5 and riding an XS bike. Would there be a problem with the reach and handling? And with the drivetrain, it would be a 2x8 or 2x9 as I've read that more than that and the shifting won't work (not sure about this). How about the brakes? Would I need to buy short-pull ones or would the stock be usable with some kind of hack? With the quarantine in my country, I've been thinking of these weird projects lately

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    I don't see any reason to. I have a drop-bar MTB (main purpose is gravel) and it's kind of fun on singletrack every now and then, but it does everything worse than my flat-bar hardtail, other than flat hard-pack. To get the reach right, you'd have to down-size the frame (I ride long large MTB's but my drop-bar bike is a short XC medium frame and it still feels long with drop bars). Brakes will likely need road calipers. Not sure on drivetrain, I just used SRAM Rival on mine, since it's a road 1x groupset with a clutched derailleur.

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    If you could do it for really cheap it could be worth it for the quarantine hack. 2x8 and 2x9 have cross compatibility between road and mtb (so nice). 10 speed was when things stopped working together. You are right the brakes wouldn't be compatible as mtb uses a longer cable pull. Did a quick google and found this from problem solvers: https://problemsolversbike.com/index...ch-your-brakes triple check that this will work though cause this is totally unknown territory for me. Imo this would be pretty interesting basically a budget niner full sus gravel bike. Its goofy but bikes are for goofin around on so go for it.
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    Thank you! I really dig that FS Niner, it's "innovative?" And when I saw Wicknasty's Kona Hei Hei (it's on youtube), it just made me like it more. But, his bike is way more modern compared to mine (2007 Kona Kikapu).

    Anyways, I'm thinking of using medium flared bars, with Claris shifters and changing the crankset to a shimano 2x non-series or if the budget allows, I'd buy my uncle's deore crankset. Now, if I could just find that road disc brake. Is there a shimano one?

    The bars (budget ones) would be about 15$, the shifters 35, and the crankset (non-series) 30. Not really sure about the brakes (Avid and TRP are definitely impossible with my budget).

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