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    Chain length conundrum on my 9spd 26 incher

    Afternoon all..

    In a bit of a muddle about chain length. Swapping out an old for new and wife disposed of the old before I could use it to size against. Used the big to big + 2 links method to size the chain but this leaves me with a chain that is too short to get into 1st gear (as it were), whilst also leaving the chain very slack when small ring to small cog on cassett (not that I'd ever be in this gearing). If I were to add another link to allow getting into 1st then I am going to be even slacker in 27th.

    Wondering if my mixed set-up might be to blame in that I have X5 deralier with a Shimano HG80 34/11 at the rear and a Shimano Deore M590 (44.32.22t) up front . I know I know, it's a right mess of a combination but it worked. I've tried to find spec online to see if the X5 deralier can handle the ratios but no luck so far as I am mixing. All I can find is that I can have a max of 36T. If I look at
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    then it suggests that if I were all Shimano then for the M590 I can go as far as 11 or 12/36 no problem. I should be OK with these ratios right, but something isn't right..

    Anyone got any insights / pearls of wisdom they like to pass my way??

    Any help appreciated...


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    Personally, I'd go front middle ring to largest rear ring +2. The fact that the rings and casette are Shimano shouldn't make a difference. Like you say, you should never be in certain gear combos, like smallest to smallest, or largest to largest. This was the expectation back in the 3X days. I think the big to big +2 was implemented after 3X and 2X started to disappear from new bikes.

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    Big cog to big ring +2. If the chain goes slack you probably need a longer cage rear derailleur to take up more slack.
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    Id throw away your big ring and install shorter chainring bolts. The big ring is pretty silly. After that, you can size to the middle ring with the normal +2 method.

    I size chains through the derailleur so I know exactly where my derailleur cage is going to end up, but some people dont like that, and the +2 way works fine for most people.

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    Just buy a new 116 chain and if it is long, take out a couple links.

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    Crank up the B screw some?

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