BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-
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    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820

    This is mainly a thread so I can link people to my old bike if it makes sense to.

    I purchased this thing used in 2003 for ~$250 and it served me faithfully until early 2019.

    I got back into MTB heavily in 2018, so I made plans to replace it.

    By the time I retired it, it had seen better days. The largest sprocket up front was chewed to bits, the wheels barely ran true anymore at max adjustment, there were a few spokes that were completely loose and made clicking sounds every revolution. The seat was ripped. The grips were sliding off all the time.

    I started drooling over the 1 setups I started to see, so it was time to move on.
    I ended up replacing it with a 2017 Surly Troll which I built to capture the ethos of my old bike, but with modern components.

    (Public Facebook album with full-res pics.)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1354.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1355.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1356.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1357.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1358.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1359.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1360.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1361.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1362.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-2020-07-23-trek-820-spec-sheet.png  

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    Replace rear tube | Album

    I've rocked this bike on and off for 16 years and it has never needed a repair, so I wasn't expecting to ever update this thread.
    However, on a winter ride with the ground harder (faster) than normal, I hit some poorly-timed whoops on a downhill that pinched my rear tube. I didn't realize this for a while, since I was attending to my wife who broke her collarbone on the same decent.

    This is a simple job, so I won't go over it here. I'll just explain that I first planned to patch the tube, but found the rubber cement in my old patch kit had dried out. I picked up a new tube instead (this one lasted long enough anyway) but also restocked my patch kits while I was at it.

    $6.95 | Eleven81 261.90-2.125" innertube with shrader valve | TUBE3600 | Amazon
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1825.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1827.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1828.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1829.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1830.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1831.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1846.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-2019-03-30-bicycle-innertube-26x1.9-2.125-amazon-.png  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1847.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1848.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1849.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1850.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1851.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1852.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1853.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-2019-03-30-bicycle-innertube-park-tool-repair-kits-amazon-.png  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_1854.jpg  

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    Weigh bike | Album

    Since my wife got her new bike and started riding with me, I've been dreaming of replacing this crusty old 1997 Trek 820 with something similar, but with a 111 setup and trigger shifting.

    It took 9 months to amass and afford all of the parts, but I finished building a 2017 Surly Troll to my exact needs. With that finished, I wanted to know how much the new Troll weighed, and I wanted to compare it to the other bikes. That meant I'd be weighing this Trek as well, and it seems to be 30.6 pounds.

    For reference, my wife's 2018 Diamondback Lux 2 hardtail is also 30.6 pounds, and my new rigid Troll ended up a relatively svelte 26.8 pounds.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_6095.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_6091.jpg  

    BenFenner's 1997 Trek 820-img_6094.jpg  

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