Anyone know if the Kona 4-Bar Linkage eliminates chain growth?-
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    Anyone know if the Kona 4-Bar Linkage eliminates chain growth?

    So I've got this 2007 Kona Kikapu that I'm planning to convert to a SS. I'd be reusing the old crankset and leaving the middle ring and converting the rear derailleur to a chain tensioner. And then comes the issue with how long my chain should be to limit chain slap and slack as well as allow, if the rear suspension design doesn't eliminate chain growth, chain growth. Thanks in advance.

    The bike:

    This is what I found out about their 4-Bar Linkage design: KONAWORLD.COM

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    By virtue of being a 4-bar design, you will have chain growth. Some bikes that don't have it are the Kona A and Trek Y-bikes (at least in 26" wheel size.)

    You need a tensioner.

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