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    2012 Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO - what to do!

    Hi all, the 2012 Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO i purchased new back then for over $3k. Honestly, life had it's fun with me and I rarely ever rode it over the years and it's in flawless condition. My son has started getting into riding (turning 6 soon) and that's about all the use out of it it's received riding next to him on our street.

    I'm wondering what this bike might sell for today being that 26ers are not really sought after? If I was to try and sell it, what do you think I could get, any sites that could help pricing? Is this accurate?

    OR, what upgrade would be worthwhile to being it a little more current? I'm thinking switching to a 1x11 or something would be a smart first move? Also, given minimal usage over the last 8 years, should i have the shocks serviced/rebuilt? Frame a keeper and just upgrade?

    Thanks so much for any / all input!

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    Condition isn't really going to matter on resale. 26" wheels isn't what's going to hold back resale that much honestly. Early 650b's with older standards and geo are selling for pennies. Hard to say what you'll get for it, just don't expect much just because it's clean. It's probably going to be hard to sell period considering how flooded the used market is with 650b's now.

    If you want to keep it 1x11 would be a great upgrade. Shop used. Lots of 1x11 stuff selling for cheap now that 12 is the new standard. You don't need to service the suspension unless the seals are leaking. Oil doesn't go bad from sitting. Turn the bike upside down for at least 10 minutes before your first ride, that will let the lowers oil lubricate the dust seals which have been sitting dry. If you decide you want to upgrade the used market is ripe with deals now that everyone is going 29. If you want 29 I'm not sure how great the deals are? I suspect slightly older geo 29'ers are cheap, 29 with progressive geo is what's fetching the highest prices. New prices are pretty crazy these days, though I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a deal on 2019 650b stuff that isn't selling well.

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    I'd ride it without upgrading anything until you figure out what you want to improve.

    A dropper seatpost would be the most obvious thing to add to modernize the bike. Unless it already has one. And you might not want the dropper, depending on your intended use of the bike.

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    You have a very high quality 8 year old bike. It's the "8 year old" part that is going to hurt it most, as the geometry has changed massively in those years. Only retro riders deny the improvements. You will not get what your bike is worth. It sucks, but it is the used market right now, no love for the older heroes. If you don't care for the latest and greatest, and from your post, I take it that the ability to "shred the gnar" isn't all that important to you, then your bike is exactly as awesome as it was back in the day. You only need to upgrade if you need to upgrade.
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    Hi all, still debating what to do with my bike here. I am pretty sure it needs some TLC in regards to gear and shifting maintenance. I can see one of the front cranks teeth is slightly bent and i certainly don't have smooth shifting through all gear ranges, noise and rubbing is definitely apparent. I was able to adjust the front and rear derailleur to get smooth shifting through all 10 gears on the smaller front ring but the larger is not so great.

    Basically, asking the experts what would be an easy conversion and what would be compatible with my bike specifically to switch to a 1x10? I don't want to put too much $ into the bike as I'm also debating trying to sell and upgrade to a new hardtail (something like the Fuse?) as a second option. Any suggestions on what I should buy that's "plug-n-play"? I don't want to have to do a new rear hub etc., would love to get rid of the front chain guide and simplify the bike. This would likely help with trying to sell it by converting to a 1x10 i would think as well?

    Front Derailleur: Sram X7
    Rear Derailleur: Sram X9
    Shifters: Sram X7
    Crankset: Sram 2X10
    Cassette: Sram 11-36
    Hub Rear: Specialized Hi Lo 142+ disc, laser-etched logo, double-sealed cartridge bearing, 12mm thru-axle, 32h

    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO (2012) Specs

    This is not my physical bike but found this pic of someone elses that may or may not be helpful to anyone outside the specs link.


    Thanks so much!

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