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    2006 Trek4500 Judy - new guy

    Hey Folks, new to mountain bikes. Had a family member recently give me a like new 2006 Trek 4500 Judy. I took it in and had some new tires thrown on it and generally cleaned up. Iím in the process of educating myself via the web on mountainbike mechanics. Just here to mostly lurk and ask the occasional question.

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    Welcome. Keep us posted on your adventures but make sure you simply ride. You can't have any unless you do.

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    thank you, as soon as ďthe ronaĒ crap slows down iíll be able to hit up the local trails at the state park down the road from me. Now iím gonna open up a can of worms here and ask a silly question. Iíve been reading up on 1X conversions on bikes the last week and it seems to be a pretty big thing right now. Looking at my bike Iím seeing that the crank set is riveted...meaning I would have to get a whole new crank set for it if I wanted to regear or even go 1X. How do I determine which crank sets will work with my bike?

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    Enjoy the bike as-is. Drivetrain upgrade in the end might end up costing more than the bike was worth when new. Crankset/chainring/rear der/shifter/cassette and likely a wheel/hub upgrade and that's just off the top of my head. All this on a $100 bike. And at the end of the day it will still weigh a metric ton, lol.

    Tires/grips/saddle, pedals, shift cables... as needed, those things make more sense and some can be used on your next bike if you choose. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy learning to ride. Save $$$ so when you decide you are a mtb'er for real, you can upgrade for real. And if not, then spend the money on your next hobby. Or beer.

    FWIW I started in '03 with a Trek 4900 (similar to your bike). It was heavy AF, fork was pretty much garbage, had 3x8 gearing, super steep head angle and narrow bars and guess what? I had a blast learning ride. And within a year or so, outgrew it's capabilities. Now, several bikes/frames and $10k or more later I'm still riding. Save that $$$ LOL and hopefully soon that bike will be worth upgrading away from and on to something better/lighter/mor-capable, mor-fun!
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    Smile Hi NEW GUY! My 2001 Trek 4900

    My 1st ďrealĒ mtb, had it since 2001. I began tinkering with it one day and this is where it ended up. It weights 25 lbs. I own several bikes and still ride this several times a week. I have no complaints. Good luck with whatever direction you decide to go.
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