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    1998 Gary Fisher Genesis Geometry

    Hello All - I am new to forums and don't have a ton of experience with Mtn biking. However I am looking at getting rid of my 1998 gary fisher and upgrading to something better. My question is I do not know how much to ask for my old bike? I bought it in 2010 for $1000 on consignment from a store. I went to bicyclebluebook.com and it was not listed. Can anyone help me with what a fair price would be. It is still in good shape and seems like a good bike.

    1998 Gary Fisher Genesis Geometry

    I was thinking of asking $500 not sure if that would be to high?


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    You may not be able to find it by looking it up as a "Genesis". Genesis is a frame type, not a model. Not sure about back in 1998, but in later years, "Genesis" was touted as a women's frame. For example, my daughter has a Tassajara. It also has "Genesis" on its labeling. The men's (or "classic" frame) version of the Tassajara did not. They used to call them Genesister bikes.

    I don't think sites like bicyclebluebook.com ever differentiated classic versus Genesis frames for Fisher bikes in their listings. So you'll have to look it up by the actual model name.

    Fisher made a lot of bikes in '98. I'm not sure how many were available in Genesis versions. Here's a link to the '98 Fisher catalog. Maybe you can find the model name there, in case the label is missing from your bike.


    Man, talk about memory lane. Love the graphics in that catalog. I remember flipping through its pages when it was new...
    You didn't quit riding because you're old, you're old because you quit riding.

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    This Gary Fisher Joshua is for sale here locally......


    Not sure it's the same as yours, but it might give you a good price point to start with

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