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    1997 cannondale F500 upgrade help.

    Hi all,

    Ive owned this cannondale F500 since new. I will be buying a new bike in the next year or two but I really would like to hang onto this bike. Just wondering if there is any possibility of upgrading the gearing on this old of a bike. Currently its a 3 by 7. Looking to change it to a 1 X 11.

    I am mechanically inclined but have not done a lot of work on bikes other than fixing things not modifying. Anyone ever tried this or is it crazy to think about upgrading this old of a bike.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Iím in the process of upgrading my 1998 Cannondale Super V. Iím going 1 x 11 as well. You will need a rear hub that accepts an 11 speed cassette. I had a set of Stans no tubes rims built to accept a Shimano 11 speed rear cassette. Then you need an 11 speed rear derailleur. And the 11 speed shifting mechanism.

    Then you will probably also want to run a narrow-wide single front chain ring to keep the chain on track. Depending on your bolt circle diameter with the older Coda cranks, you are probably limited to a 32 tooth narrow-wide chain ring. I wanted a larger front chain ring, so I purchased a set of RaceFace Atlas cranks and a 38 tooth RaceFace narrow-wide ring.

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    I have a spreadsheet with all the part numbers and prices that I shopped out and Iíd be happy to email to you if you want. Also check out my thread on this forum that begins with ďSoliciting advice suggestions criticismÖĒ. Everyone told me Iím nuts so now Iím completing the build purely out of spite!

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    I've put together an upgrade path for an older bike as well (Gary Fisher Sugar 3+), and was considering a 1x11 from its 3x9. But after more research, I decided on a 1x12 instead. My suggestion is that if you intend to upgrade the rear hub (or complete wheel), get one that has options for both XD and Shimano cassette drivers. I upgraded my wheel set with Mavics, which have that option (can be switched out easily). The reason I suggest this is that TRS has a 12 speed cassette that provides a 511% range (which is more than SRAMs 12 speed 500% range). I chose 12 speed to limit loosing the range a 3x9 offeres. The TRS 12 speed solution just about matches the range of a 3x9, which I assume would cover your 3x7.

    As for being crazy, not at all! As for it working... one area that I was unsure of was single chain ring alignment with the rear end. This would be something to consider whether you go with a 1x11 or 1x12. In my case, I had to switch from an ISIS bottom bracket to an external bottom bracket and a non ISIS crankset. Bottom bracket change wasn't a big deal since both are threaded. In your case, it looks like (quick Google search) you may have a 68mm x 110mm square taper BB. That's good, easy to replace/upgrade, if you even need to to get the right chain ring to cassette alignment.
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