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    1996 Trek 7000 SHX - which <$60 shock fork and other components to use?

    I recently picked up a new-to-me 1996 Trek 7000 SHX hardtail (26 lbs roughly as is). The frame is one of the superlight ABT (epoxied) EA60 aluminum frames and has the original Rockshox Quadra 5 shock fork, along with a middling 3x7 Shimano STX (non -RC) drivetrain of the era and no disc brake mounts.
    I'd like to spend very little money to improve it for use as an occasional road/trail/maybe XC bike stashed at my relatives' house.

    My main uncertainty is about the shock fork. The Quadra 5 is apparently just an elastomer unit weighing about 3.7lbs; I'd have to buy new elastomers ($60!) and service the fork. I've also got a used ~2008ish Dart 2 in decent shape with enough steerer tube to fit, but weight 5.3lbs. It can take V brake or disc brake, Quadra 5 is V brake only. I've got headsets lying around.

    I'd welcome any thoughts about which fork option to go with, as I don't know about each one's performance. I worry about the much heavier Dart 2 bogging down the very lightweight frame. Also feel free to comment on the other upgrades listed below.

    Planned upgrades:

    Shimano V brakes/Avid levers to replace the cantis and their levers (from my Box O Stuff, $0)

    MRX Comp 3x8 twist shifters (from BOS, $0)

    3x crankset (used STX-RC + new square taper BB (BOS + $10?) or new decade-oldish Deore level + Hollowtech II BB (BOS, $0))

    Wheelset with rim braking, STX-RC Parallax hubs, 7sp (BOS, $0)

    new 7x rear cassette ($10?)

    new 8sp chain (BOS, $0)

    3x front d (used STX-RC or new decade-oldish Deore level(BOS, $0))

    7x rear d (used STX-RC (BOS, $0))

    New brake and gear cabling (BOS, $0)


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    You have a very old that is going to be used very little, for cruising around the neighborhood or a bike path. I would only change the tires/tubes, grips and maybe the saddle. Enjoy it as-is for what it is.
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