Hi, i have a 29er HT and thinking of moving to the PLUS platform.

The G one Allround at the moment doesn't come in 29 x 2.8, biggest 29 width is 2.25.

The G one Allround looks to me to be the perfect "all round" tyre.
Enough so, that i am considering moving to a 27+ bike. At 750g its still "sporty" for a 2.8 tyre

I'd be looking at the Snakeskin model as i have a pair of 29 x 2.35 G one speeds in Snakeskin and have yet to get a puncture after 3000 miles.

If you have ridden the G one Allround 27+ 2.8 please let me know how you found it, particularly in wet off road conditions. As in the UK its wet most of the year.

I'm a tourer/bike packer/shopper/commuter who likes a bit of relaxed off road fun. I don't need a tyre to allow me to "shread" down hill or in muddy conditions.