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    Dually 29+ with Vee Trax Fatty 120 TPI tubeless - not sealing well

    Who here has decent experience with the Velocity Dually? Velocity claims it'll seal just fine with tubeless ready tires using only their rim tape to cover the spoke holes. With my 29x3.0 Vee Trax Fatty 120 TPI tubeless ready tires, and two layers of Velocity blue tape over the spoke holes I'm getting air leakage. It's slow leakage, but noticeable that I don't trust running the wheels on the bike yet. Also, this is my first tubeless set up and even with using a compressor to seat the beads I didn't hear the loud "pop" that I hear so much in tubeless installation videos. Should I keep pumping air in until I hear that? I figured if the tires were airing up and holding air, even if it leaks out over night or after say 14 hours or something that the beads are seated. I did the full shake and spin thing last night to see if there would be any improvement. Also the sealant is Orange Seal. Now I'm wondering if I should open up the wheels and put a layer of Gorilla tape, bead-to-bead on there just to be sure I get a tight seal. Apparently these guys seem to think it's necessary just to make sure you have the best seal.
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    Otherwise, I'm not finding a whole lot of info on exactly HOW folks are setting up their Dually rims other than vague, "tape the rim" or that they just went with split tube for a seal. Any suggestions or input?

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    My Dually's have tape edge to edge to resolve the slight leakage and burping issues. Prollem solved.
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