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    B+, first impressions

    There's a ton of chatter around here about which X is the best for this, and will this product work or fit here and things like that, but other than guys clamoring about added traction, there hasn't been too much hoopla about riding these things.

    Being a bmx kid at heart, and riding a mtb mostly like its a bmx, I can be pretty brutal on stuff. I also weigh 185 so I'm not built like an xc racer, although I've been ham and egging some local cat2 races for s's and g's.
    Most recently I've been through some woodsy bikes too. A 27.5 hardtail, a couple different fattys, a 27.5 full squish (100mm) and a 29 squish and hardtail too.
    I've ridden some bikes, I know how I like to ride them, and I want to do so without fear of breaking stuff.

    Onto the b+:
    95% the rollover of a 29.
    All the stiffness and acceleration of a 27.5 (dare I say 26?)
    And the traction of a fatty without that dopey feeling.
    This is how mtb's should've been built from day 1.

    I just had these wheels built. I can really a/b with a decent set of 29 wheels, blunts on xt hub, and the feeling is surreal.
    Even though the 29 wheels were tight and true, these b+ wheels make them feel like noodles. They are stiff, very stiff. Great for railing berms and pedaling your tits off, but they can feel pretty jarring by comparison.
    So what does a ripper do to mitigate that?? Air down the tires, of course, and you end up with a little cushion (exactly like what a rigid fatty offers) and retain all the attributes.

    My fatty and my squishy bike aren't going anywhere, each have their uses, but as soon as somebody offers a xc race oriented b+ 100mm full squish I'm there.

    Also: my b+ wheels are 50g lighter per wheel as setup now, compared to the 29. That's wheels and tires, so depending on your exact choice, give or take. Either way, you'll be in the ballpark.
    29-xt hubs, velocity blunt rims, wtb trailboss 2.4
    B+-xt hubs, dt swiss xm551, rocket Ron 3.0, wtb trailblazer 2.8 (snakeskin rr 2.8's backordered)

    You gotta try these things.

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    Sounds interesting. Did you start with a 29er frame? If so, how much did your BB drop by going to the B+ setup?

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    Yeah, this little experiment is with a karate monkey, no issues with the 2.8 in the rear, with the dropout slammed, and no clearance issues with the 1/11 chain line either.
    It did drop the bb 3/8". That, without reference, seems like a ton, but I still have less pedal strikes than my f/s.

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    Nice review. I think we're looking for the same bike, even though we are very dissimilar riders. There are some frames I'd build up, but not a lot of FS frame only options out there right now. I'm sure it'll get there though...

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