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    Aluminum Pony Rustler

    I test rode the Pony Rustler this summer, and was on the fence about it after my ride. So I should wait until I can get a longer lest ride after they are released...but I'm impatient.

    Now I'm thinking this: order the aluminum version, ride it for a few months, then dump it if I don't like it. If I like it, dump it and get a carbon PR, or simply upgrade the alu one with better wheels, 1x drivetrain, etc. I'm thinking I'll lose less money dumping an alu version compared to a carbon...likely more buyers at the alu price point.


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    Sounds like a plan. Buy a medium,take care of it and I'll buy it.

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    Ha! Just so happens that I ride a medium.

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    Your idea makes no sense at all financially, but neither does getting a new bike every year and plenty of people do that because they (hopefully) can afford it and simply want to.

    What specifically were you on the fence about getting a PR, the tire width? Do you already have a capable 29er in the build and spec you're looking for? Sounds like you want carbon and 1x11.

    If you already have the 29er I'd say just wait until you can get a longer demo ride on the PR and really make up your mind. I'd also consider simply just putting wider wheels on your existing 29er like the ibis 941 and widening out your existing tires.

    If you don't have a similar bike already then just get the carbon PR and if you find you aren't in love with the wheels then simply get a set of 'normal' boost compatible 29er rims, magically you now have a carbon 1x11 2016 Salsa Horsethief that can be changed back to a PR whenever you want, the frames are identical.

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    Bad idea, because the totally pimped-out Bucksaw you already have will become insanely jealous and leave you stranded in the dead of winter.
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