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Thread: Yeti Longevity

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    Yeti Longevity

    Hi all,

    I'm considering a Yeti for my next bike. The question I have is whether Yeti frames are durable. Apart from salivating over which model to choose I've noticed that their warranty period is only for 2 years on their Trail/AM models.

    I realise this forum is full of Yeti fans, but I thought I'd get ask to get your experience on how Yeti frames age and whether the smaller warranty period is an issue.

    Currently I ride a Trek Superfly (Dual Susp.) with a lifetime warranty so it's big change to a niche brand & smaller warranty period.

    The other question is which frame: SB95, SB75 or 575...but I realise that's a loaded question especially with the SB75/575 being so new.

    Cheers and thanks in advance...

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    Loved mine and have 3... 575's and a sb66c. Have not had any issues and owned the longest for 2 yrs

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    Yeah the Yeti warranty isn't the best and to me a manufacturing defect is a manufacturing defect for the life of the bike not just a specific time period.

    However if anything serious happens outside of this period then there is the chance they will "crash" replace either front or rear triangle for a fee.

    Other issue is if you ride in the wet a lot then you'll be replacing the switch bearings in proportion to this and they aren't cheap. Those switch bearings need grease ports IMO for us poor weather riders .

    However saying this your riding a Yeti and they ride awesome so are worth the little issues.

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    The warranty on all bikes is against manufacturing defects, which will show up in the first 2 years if you actually ride the bike. Trek historically had a rep for warrantying broken bikes that probably were not qualified (i.e., broke in a crash), and again if you break a bike after 10 years of riding it every day, that's not a manufacturing defect.

    Also, for the most part, Trek doesn't offer lifetime warranties anymore.

    Has anyone on here had an experience with Yeti warranty that they weren't satisfied with? I haven't read of any.

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    The rear triangle of my SB 95 cracked within the first 1,500-1,800 hard miles. Yeti replaced promptly and without issue (via LBS).
    (Happened within first six months of purchase.)

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    My 06 575 still running strong all though I'm having crank issues right now, but that has nothing to do with Yeti. My only issue with Yeti now is their way over priced for mere mortals to own I don't think I'll be owning another one anytime soon at least a new one.

    Fortes fortuna adiuvat

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    Re: Yeti Longevity

    My 08 cracked at the weld of the bb and seat tube junction after 3.5 years of a lot of riding. Lots of that included rough techie riding. Yeti offered a new rear triangle for free or a whole new 2012 frame with shock at a huge discount from the then ~1800 msrp. I went with option 2. Couldn't have been happier with their cs.

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    I have a friend who has been riding his SB66 for ~2 years of intense riding all over Colorado (concentrated in the Front Range) and the bike has held up incredibly well. My SB95 has held up really well...but I just bought that this season.

    They are very expensive (some would say overpriced), but I couldn't be happier with how the bike fit me and my riding.

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    Not sure why a manufacturing defect would reveal itself within any given timeframe. Yes the probability of reveal is often (but not always) higher initially in component lifecycle especially with modern electronics... structural is less so and has a tendency to fail later in its lifecycle... defects can be hidden for many years with countless examples of this from numerous major Industrial/Air accidents.
    Air/Nuclear/Oil&Gas/Military and decades of data from these industries that lead towards the adoption of RCM certainly does not agree with a fixed timeframe for defect reveal.

    My experience with Yeti was excellent, my 08 575 rear triangle failed after 3 years and they replaced it after they inspected it... so there you go a manufacturing defect that did not reveal itself for 3 years. With a modern warranty I'd not have been covered though I do think Yeti would honour an obvious fault.. but it's nice to have that in black and white tbh.

    Great bikes and I've got 2 myself.. a 575 and 66.

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    Just because they only give a 2 yr warranty doesn't mean they don't step-up when something is their responsibility, it simply cuts down on the crap-chaff of people trying to force their hand.

    For big-box vendors like Giant, Specialized, etc., its simply more cost effective for them to do more warranty-swaps than stall customers because by-volume it's cheaper that way. That's my guess anyway.

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