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    Yeti guys- DT 240s hub conversion question

    Tried searching, both here and on DT's website. Hoping someone can help me.

    I am looking at buying a wheel set from a Yeti AR5, its the 240s/400ex hub/wheel combo. So its currently a 15mm t/a up front. I need a 20mm t/a.

    Does anyone know if the hub spec'ed on this build is the 240s oversized, (which could be converted to a 20mm t/a), or if its the 240s 15/tricon (which doesn't appear to be able to be converted to a 20mm t/a)

    Is there any way to tell by looking at the hub which the seller has? If its IS its a 240s oversized, and if its a center lock hub its the dt240s 15/tricon?

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    Send an email to DT Swiss directly. David is great about responding quickly. They are in Grand Junction, CO, so they might be closed now. PM me and I can give you David's email.

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    Hello Backcountry1pr

    I am Paul Guebara
    I am on the marketing and sales team for DT Swiss.

    The hub you have on that wheel set can definitely be converted to 20mm. It is indeed a 20mm oversized hub that we convert to 15mm for yeti.
    No problem.
    If you have any more questions - email me at first initial then last name at DT


    Paul Guebara
    Sales and Marketing Team

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