So I've test ridden a few small Blur LT's and Stumpjumpers in small and know that I like the geometry. Unfortunatly there is no Yeti 575 or demo's in my area for me to throw a leg over. For those of you who have ridden both the Blur and Yeti can you compare the geometry feeling for me? I am currently selling my GF Tassajara Medium (17.5) because I just feel it is too stretch out. I know many of you are thinking then just buy the blur, but I really want a Yeti and see good deals on eBay ever so often. I want to make sure I'm not just buying myself back into a bike that doesn't fit because a good deal. For size I'm 5'5" with 29.5 inseam.


Gary Fisher Tassajara (current bike)
Frame size 17.5"
Standover 28.9"
Effective TT 23.7"
Headtube length 4.6"
Head Angle 69.8 deg
Seat tube Angle 72.5 deg
Effective Chainstay 16.3"
Wheelbase 42.7"

Blur LT
Frame size small
Standover 28.2"
Effective TT 21.5"
Headtube length 3.9"
Head Angle 68.1 deg
Seat tube Angle 71.5 deg
Effective Chainstay 17"
Wheelbase 41.7"

Yeti 575
Frame size Small
Standover 29.3
Effective TT 22.9"
Headtube length 4.5"
Head Angle 68 deg
Seat tube Angle 72.8 deg
Effective Chainstay 16.9"
Wheelbase 43.5"