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    Is it worth waiting for the SB-66c?

    I've ordered the 66c frame through Jensons but at least once a day I have to talk myself out of changing my order to the 66a and getting it right away. I've also been slightly reserved about getting the initial carbon frame, thinking that it may be better to give them a full warranty year to get any issues sorted.

    I've never ridden a carbon frame bike. What are the advantages aside from the 1lb weight difference? I climb slow and descend fast. I like a bike I can flow through single tracks with, but also blast down rocky rutty beat you to death trails. Occasional jumps and drops, nothing too major. Will a carbon frame eat up more of the shock and vibration when blasting through a rock garden? Will 1lb make a big difference in how it climbs?


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    I decided not to wait and got an Ibis HD instead. Could not be happier! The HD is much better than my '10 ASR5C and '11 575. Love the versatility of being able to run it at either 160 or 140mm. Here is my post with build specs & photos.

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    Carbon does have better damping characteristics than aluminum. Probably 10- 15% stiffer laterally. And word around the camp fire, almost 2 full pounds lighter than the alum.

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    If you have the bucks and the patience I would wait for the SB66c. My experience, I love my SB66 and it would be rad if it was one pound lighter, would it matter? no... but it would be cool to say as a weight weenie and I am sure it would feel a little bit better.

    The little bit of time I have put on a demo Nomad Carbon is that frame feels stiff yet compliant? I don't know how to explain it but carbon does feel different, the way it soaks up small vibrations yet is very stiff. I cannot compare it to an AL Nomad, never had a chance to throw a leg over... But if you have rode AL bars and Carbon bars is the best comparison I can give. I know it doesn't help much.

    The one thing I will say, my friends have Reigns and Reign X's, newish, non pierced tube... the time I have put on them, I will gladly accept the weight of my SB66 to gain the stiffness of the frame compared to those. I also feel like it climbs and descends better, IMO. Now if the SB66c can be all the things the AL is but lighter and stiffer?! That will be one badass rig.
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    Had an C handlebar on my 575 and went to Alu and when I buy (soon) another HB it will be C.
    Yes, carbon rides differently but if you are in rocky area you can stick to Alu. While this is not a professional or engineering advice, this is my current thought from looking at the extra protection carbon frame manufacturers take around the BB.
    If you are not sure why you have ordered C you can go A and have a great bike as well.
    As for Ibis, I think (demoed Mojo's twice for a full day) they make good bikes but the SB66 is just better. I know the HD is different then the SL however the SL excells in climbing and for me the 66 is just a better climber. On the way down I always missed my 575 compared to the SL and I find it hard to believe that the HD eliminated that gap.
    Stability vs Ibis is another important advantage however Ibis may be? a little more responsive on tight switchbacks.

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    You've got to wait, if you switch now, you'll get a month at best on it before the carbon will be available and then.......... at least once a day you'll wonder why you didn't wait.
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