• 12-30-2012
    Where to find an older ARC frame?
    I'm riding a 2005 hardtail built with pretty nice components (at the time):

    XT drivetrain
    Avid BB7 brakes
    Marzocchi Bomber (1 1/8")
    Thompson seatpost
    Raceface headset and stem
    Easton bar
    Mavic wheels

    The bike rides great despite being built around a cheapo Chinese aluminum frame (a Fetish Discipline...eBay-only, if I recall).

    I'm going to buy a new ASR-5 in the near future. But, in the meantime, I'd LOVE to swap those components over to a used ARC frame. I'm thinking something in the 2005-2008 range should match all components without having to buy anything new.

    Any suggestions on where to find an ARC of that era in a small (15" or 16" if they were measured that way at that time).?
  • 01-01-2013
    thats not old! I have a 2003 and don't think its old at all... a 92 would be an old one...
    but they pop up on ebay from time to time, or i'm guessing craigslist...anywhere really