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    What did Yeti do to piss off

    Yeti's ARC Carbon is a groundbreaking bike because of its unique approach to the hottest debate in cycling: wheel size.

    As the first ever bike (that I know of) to effectively use different sized wheels on the same bike for different sizes, Yeti has shifted the wheel size paradigm.

    Yet there's not even a mention of it on I know MTBR can't release an article for every new bike that is made but the ARC Carbon is probably the biggest news in bike design in many years.

    And it's dead sexy as well!

    Is Yeti not buying as much advertising as the generic brands?

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    While I think the Arc C is a cool bike, and I might even buy one, you are massively exaggerating the historical significance of the bike.

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    The GT Xizang comes in 26 inch for S and M and 29inch for Meduim and larger sizes, but I don't think that was quite meant in the same way as the new ARC...and being able to actually buy one is something else.
    All the gear and no idea.

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    It is a bit strange though, I thought even the fact that it can be run as a 29'er given the correct frame size is used, would be somewhat of a guarantee that it would get some front page coverage. Then again maybe they have some more scoop and possibly a ride report - some one here has already demo'd an SB-95C so maybe they got a leg over the ARC-C?

    As far as advertising the right side of my screen is nothing but Jenson USA advertising the two new bikes for pre-order.

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    This is just pure speculation, but as far as advertising/marketing goes, I think Yeti's business plan isn't geared for massive growth. They seem to be satisfied progressing at their current pace, keeping their size stable, but healthy. To massively grow, they would need some huge risks and some massive upfront capital being laid down, and constant new stuff being churned out to keep up the momentum and the brand fresh in people's minds, which means loans and more hiring, including some real management and accounting. That would kind of make them more like Santa Cruz though, which I don't think is the company image they want really. I think they like the rider owned thing, where *all* (literally, all) their employees ride for lunch, and keep in touch with their customers on a more personal level.

    For growth, they would need to ramp up production for larger volume batches, and pumping up their marketing muscle to match, in order to sell it all. They seem to be only pumping out a modest amount of frames, and marketing just enough to sell that much, discontinuing the things that just don't sell. I think Yeti seems to sell more through word of mouth and people actually demo'ing their bikes. I think I read that they only have 1 media guy, which does everything from the website, to videos on the SB bikes, and filming their sponsored racers. Better to put that talent to work in marketing what counts most, like their new SB bikes.

    I don't think it's a first, nor that remarkable, to offer a model with a full size run, with the smaller sizes equipped with smaller wheels. Can't remember who else did it, but I've heard of it done before. I do have respect for Yeti for doing it though. Just seems like a logical thing to do. Other brands offer full 29er size runs, with shorter forks in smaller sizes, which I think works well too. I'd warn about hyping things up excessively and using derogatory terms like "generic bike brands" that might anger others, as some people might think you're talking about brands they're "loyal" to, and get all hostile. I know there are some people trolling these boards with superiority complexes, sensitive that their choice in AM bike is being called inferior to the SB66c or whatever. Don't need the drama found elsewhere in MTBR (see 29er, 650b, and AM forums) spoiling the Yeti forum. Seems like the drama's been hitting the Santa Cruz forums already.

    That all said, I think the ARC carbon's timing is great. It seems to complement the SB bikes perfectly. Something super light and responsive feeling, with a racy XC demeanor, to pair with the super smooth and capable trail master, that can come out ahead in some Super Ds and Enduros. Pretty much can satisfy any rider that likes to ride trails fast, mixing in some optional gnarly technical lines according to rider skills. Real trails, and not dirt roadie stuff, and not non-professionally built "skill park" type stuff that the AM guys like. I don't really see the value in marketing it when many people will just see it as just another carbon 29er HT, as they can't appreciate how it was done Yeti style, with decades of winning racing heritage, trail riding in the Rockies, and engineering history to build off of. First impressions count and I suppose getting a few good impressions, and letting it spread by word of mouth, rather than plaster it everywhere to get the name out, is just Yeti's style.

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