• 12-01-2012
    Tallest dude on an XL SB-95
    So I have been contemplating an SB-95, and was wondering about the sizing of the XL's. The sizing seems a bit smaller than what I currently have (XL Mach 429), and have had in the past (XL RIP9/JET9). I am 6'6", but all arms/legs (38.8" inseam). Would it be big enough for me? I rode around on a Large, and it seamed really small, granted the seat post was way too short, and it could have used a few spacers and hi-rise bar. Anyone around my size with any time on one?
  • 12-01-2012
    A large fits me well and i'm only 5' 9" when I'm being generous so I'm sure you'd need at least an XL or XXL (if they make one).

    I think the bike is INTENDED to be a bit "smaller" than other brand 29ers ... maybe ... it's just a different design philosophy at Yeti.

    If you're looking for a laid-out XC rig I don't think the '95 is it though.
  • 12-01-2012
    I'm 6'-2" and on a large and I'm border line L/XL. The large fits me great. I'd go XL for your height.
  • 12-01-2012
    I'm only 6'2" and ride a xl which I feel perfect on. Being four inches taller you may feel the bike is a little small. When looking for a new ride I looked at the turner sultan, but was in between sizes. There largest fame offering is huge.
  • 12-02-2012
    Mr Bacon Jr
    I'm 6'5" and all torso (35" inseam), and the XL fits me very well. You might need a slightly longer stem, but it is a pretty big bike.

    Not to push you away from Yeti (I am a big Yeti freak), but the othe big bike out there is a RIP 9. I test ride an XL and felt it was too big for me- its HUGE.
  • 12-02-2012
    Thanks for the reply's. I will try and find an XL somewhere to throw a leg over, though it may take a while.
  • 12-03-2012
    I am 6'4 245 lbs and demo'd a XL 2x and will definitely get an XL!
  • 12-04-2012
    My brothers 6'5" with a 36" inseam and is on an XL; he uses a Thomson setback post and I think his stem is in the 90mm range. He rode a 2XL Tallboy for awhile and hated it.
  • 12-06-2012
    Yeti should be making a xxl. For a bike like this you want a short stem. I am the same height and the Tallboy xxl fits perfect. In my eyes the Tallboy (lt or regular), rocky mountain element, and specialized stumpjumper seem to be the best options. Unless you want to go aluminum, then Ventana is another. Pick something that fits you, don't force yourself to fit the bike. Maybe the carbon version of the SB95 will have an xxl . . .
  • 12-06-2012
    Im 6-4 and have a 37.5" inseam I have been riding xl bikes for many years. I have as many spacers as possible on an uncut steerer tube and a a long seat tube, and to be honest i look stupid on my current xl bike. The bike is basically too small. I test rode a sb 95 in xl and while it felt great overall i had to admit to myslef it was too small i demoed a xxl tallboy and rode a xl on a number of occasions. It became obvious the xxl was the right fit. Now i must admint the tallboys tend to seem a bit smaller than other bikes of the same size label, and the specs bear that out

    Bottom line i stopped listening to all the experts who pushed me to smaller bikes over the years and decided to order an xxl tallboy. I look forward to finally owning a bike that fits me after all these years

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