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    SB-95 2014 Aluminium/Carbon

    Hi All, Anyone got the new Aluminium / Carbon SB95 yet?

    If so lets see it! Plus any differences to how it rides weighs etc?

    Couldn't see a thread on this so sorry if I missed it!



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    Hey Worm. My apologies in advance for thread-jacking but I couldn't find a similar question so I thought I would chime in here rather then start a new thread...

    To take Worm's question a bit further, has anyone ridden the all carbon and the aluminum/carbon and can share any details in the difference in ride beyond weight? And can anyone shed any light on the value of a aluminum front triangle with a carbon rear? Is it (again) a purely weight consideration or are there are any structural benefits? Usually it's the opposite (carbon front) for weight and cost considerations.

    I'm currently torn between the SB95ac and the RIP9 - both XT builds. I test rode both (plus six others) at the SE Bike Expo two weeks ago and came away very very impressed with these two. I have to honestly say that they both ride somewhat similar. Unfortunately at expos, the brands bring their best so there was no opportunity to test the working man's versions of either - the builds I'm looking at...

    Thanks for any info that anyone can share and thanks to Worm for starting the thread.

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    MostChillin no worries you actually have asked some valid questions which I would like to know as well so all good! :-D

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    The carbon rear triangles have more tire clearance vs alloy, so that's a factor.

    I'd think there's some notional/possible improvement in suspension action from lower un-sprung weight, I'm just not sure it's enough to matter on a bike. Could be though.

    I wish my alloy had more tire clearance, there's times I'd like to be able to have a 2.3" tire on their with crud/mud clearance, and it's just not there to my comfort level. It's not a HUGE want as the 2.2/2.25" tires are fine ... there's just times I'd like something phat for rim protection from high speed rocks.

    Or for more 'float' in the winter on frozen crap.

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