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    SB-66c Geometry, and other questions for new build.

    Hi all,

    Long time MTBR lurker here... Looking into purchasing a Yeti SB-66c, and have a number of questions Iím hoping the Yeti-wielding massive might be able to help me out with.

    Iím coming off a Transition Bottlerocket, and Iím after a new rig that is lighter, a better peddler, has a slacker head angle, and more quality suspension design. The yeti seems to fit this bill. My riding is leaned a bit more toward the gravity side of things, but I donít mind earning my turns with a bit of a climb first. Also after something that is capable of a few DH shuttles/park riding (i.e. Queenstown Bike Park, NZ). I guess Iím a reasonably smooth rider, so not so much after a ďploughĒ bike.

    Anyway, my questions:

    (1) Geometry: This is a big question mark for me, as the SB has a very long top tube compared to what I rode previously. Comparison of geo. charts indicate that my medium Bottlerocket shares roughly the same t/t length as the small SB.

    I am around 5í8-9Ē, and tested a medium SB carbon with 50mm stem and Fox 36ís (the dealer doesnít have a small SB to test), which felt too long for me to ride aggressively on. Doubles didnít feel comfortable, nor shifting weight back to manual some sections.

    I would be leaning toward a small, based purely on the t/t length and demo, with a 50mm stem (which would match my Bottlerocket quite well). Any opinions on me riding a small, or does this go against the way Yeti recommends the SB be ridden? Is anyone out there of a similar height that rides a small, and what are your opinions?

    (2) Shock tune: The SB I tested was set up as per the manual (i.e. sag etc), and had the Fox CTD shock. I weigh around 85kg with gear (approx. 185 pounds). However, after a trail ride with a few small drops and doubles, I found that I was blowing right through all the travel. I have read that the shock tune is quite linear, but also that some riders have had good luck with a factory retune of the shock to medium compression/rebound settings (they come low, as standard).

    Does anyone have experience with a factory shock tune to medium compression/rebound settings, or any suggestions that it might be the way to go for this frame? Hopefully the tune would add a more progressiveness to the suspension.

    (3) Tyre clearance: The biggest tyre I would run would be a Maxxis Minion 2.5, for DH. Would this fit the frame ok?

    (4) Rear hub options: Looking at Hope Pro2 Evo hubs (custom wheelset). I presume that these would fit the frame (12mm x 142mm)? Are there other axle standards I need to watch out for?

    (5) Of course, Iíve also looked at other frame options for my style of riding, but keep coming back to the SB. Bear in mind that smaller manufacturer options are quite limited in NZ. Other frames Iíve looked at:

    Ibis Mojo HD; question over geo. Looks to be a high ride height (ie. Feeling of sitting ďon topĒ of the bike, as opposed to ďinĒ it). Canít ride a demo.

    Santacruz Nomad; not a fan of VPP.

    Specialized S-Works Enduro: I really like this option, but super expensive.

    Cheers heaps!


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    1) Trust your instinct on sizing -- especially if you were fortunate to already test one. 5'6" here, so small was the only logical option, although I did question a medium while I waited (and waited and waited) the 10 months for the frame to finally show up. Fits like a glove.

    2) If you're more into the gravity side of things you may want to opt for a more capable rear shock. Some guys are running the Cane Creek CDDB air and liking it. I was blowing through all my travel at first too...and was quite frustrated. After playing with it, adjusting the pressure and breaking it in for a few months, all is well.

    3) I'm pretty sure that 2.5 Minion will not fit. Yeti says:

    "There is great tire clearance on the SB66-C but tire sizes vary widely by manufacturers, so it's hard to give a number that works for all tires. The short answer is the SB66C can accept up to a 2.4" tire"

    4) 142x12mm is your only option

    All that said, I love this bike. Got it late August, been out 60 or 70 times. Ride it every chance I get.

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    I'm not very familiar with the Bottlerocket, but I have spent a good amount of time on the Covert Carbon, and while I really liked it, I still prefer the SB66c by a wide margin.

    Different bikes seem to have a thing they are really good at, and as you get away from that specific thing, there's a give and take. To me the SB66 has such a wide range of things it's really good to great at, you don't give up much in other areas. For instance, for the way it shreds the downhills, it shouldn't have the climbing manners it does, but it's crazy how well it climbs, especially uphill trail sprints.

    I'm the same size you are and ride a medium. I tried a small for about a week and in the end it was just too small. I've swapped between a 35 and 50mm stem and bar height and feel I have it dialed perfectly with a 50mm stem now. I did ride it with a 35mm stem for 3 months or so and really like it there, but I raised the stem height a bit and it seemed a bit short, so I switched back to the 50, and it's now money.

    I tried CCDBair, DHX-RC4, stock CTD, Monarch Plus and pushed CTD on my SB66 and give the nod to the pushed CTD just over the RC4 just due to weight, and the climb mode. It's not quite as plush as the RC4, but considerably better than anything else I tried.

    I run 2.3 Specialized Butcher Controls and love them. No clearance issues.

    12x142 is the standard axle size. No reason to look at anything else.

    When I bought my SB66, I originally was in the market for a MojoHD, and used the Yeti demo as sort of a way to confirm this, along with a Giant Reign and a Santa Cruz Nomad. I was blown away by the SB66 and couldn't believe how much better it was at my style of riding than the rest. Our styles are similar, I pedal up only so I can bomb down. The MojoHD had a tall on top of the bike feeling and didn't seem to corner well. The GEO certainly needs an update. Plus you can't compare DW link with Switch. There's so many plus and minuses with DW Link, where Switch just acts like a stable linear suspension platform that reacts perfectly to whatever you throw at it. DW really feels like a good XC platform to me, but not at home going down. To me the Nomad felt unstable at speed over technical terrain. It wasn't as fun as the SB66 or even the Reign. I don;t have a lot of experience with the Enduro, but they never feel like they pedal very well, and 10 grand for a carbon. They don't even seem serious about selling it.

    I've never had a bike the the SB66. Every time I ride it I'm still blown away by how awesome it is.

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    Wow, Iím about the exact same height, in the same position, and have been pondering the exact same question (about size and top tube length). I have also had a chance to test ride the SB66. I rode it for two days in Moab and loved how the suspension felt. Although the bike rode great when climbing I did have a few moments of nervousness while descending; pretty much while needing to manuel off a drop or just regular moments when I needed to lift the front end up. The bike I rode was also a medium but came equipped with a longer stem (donít remember quite how long but at least a 70-90mm) Aside from that, I loved the bike. I just thought that the issues I was having had to do with the long stem. My preferred setup would have been a med with a 35-50mm stem. After reading your post about test riding a med. with a short stem and not jiving, and now that I am seriously considering buying this bike, Iíve began to really question the size and especially the long top tube. Do I go medium and a really short stem or a small with a 50mm stem? My current bike is a medium IH 6point, which I love, but it comes in small for itís size and itís time for an upgrade. I was also considering the Mojo HD. The sizing seems more spot on for a med. but I prefer the geo on the SB66 better.

    Iíve read other posts about people in between sizes and it seems the verdict is mixed; people go either way.

    My big question about dropping to a size small is would we have to run the seat tube 2 feet (exaggeration) out of the bike to have it at a comfortable height for climbing? The bike has a really low stand over height (27.9) and the seat tubeís length is at 16.5Ē. Iím worried about super long seat post extension. Whenever I see bikes with the seat post up super heigh, it makes me think that person should have gotten a larger size. I know looks arenít everything, but to me, it looks goofy and I donít want to be that guy.

    Sorry for not having any answers. I just wanted to chime in since Iím in the same boat and express another consideration about dropping down a size.

    Edit: Just realized LBS stocks Yeti. I was worried about long seat post extension on a small. Easy fix: go down to LBS and figure it out, DUH! Whenever I get around to that, Iíll report back.
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