My Gf joins the Tribe!

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  • 03-19-2013
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    My Gf joins the Tribe!
    My Gf was jealous and envious of my Yeti because she had a Stumpy Fsr, so I am the best bf ever! Lol

    I built her her own!

    2009 Yeti 575 size medium
    2012 Fox Talas 120/150
    XTR-shifters and rear mech
    Xt- Fr mech,cassette
    Brakes- XT Ice Techs 180/160
    Stem/Post - Thomson
    Saddle-WTB Pure V
    Wheels- DT Swiss m1900 with 36 star ratchet,10mm thru axle,tubeless
    Bar/Grips- Easton Haven Carbon, and ODI Yeti Lock On
    Pedals- XT Trail

    Have a Reverb for her but let see how serious she gets! Lol
  • 03-20-2013
    Go ahead and put the Reverb on man, it'll only help!

    Nice though, real nice.
  • 03-20-2013
    Very nice! Every time I see a turquoise ASR, the more I regret buying a black ano. I had the choice and chose black. In the long run, the bike will look good, with black on black and blue bits wherever possible, but the turq is just so striking that I still question the decision.
  • 03-20-2013
    I think the dropper post would only enhance her appreciation/enjoyment of that sweet ride.
  • 03-20-2013
    Now go and marry the girl!
  • 03-20-2013
    Giving a bike is a lot like taking the vow.
  • 03-20-2013
    You are Man of the year! Thank you for making the rest of us look bad :)
  • 03-21-2013
    lol..shes a keeper and maybe she will return the favor! ;) (SB 95C frame hint hint)