Currently, Yeti does not offer a hardtail for riders under 5' 7" tall. The ARC has been semi-discontinued (still available in the UK, apparently but nearly impossible to find in the US).

The Big Top is only made in a Med or larger. That fact has made me very leery of 29ers in general. If Yeti isn't comfortable with their 29er geometry at small sizes, what compromises did other builders make to fit smaller riders?

The obvious solution is to continue to issue the ARC for shorter riders. If Yeti feels the 26" HT is dead (which I still ride, coincidentally), and they can't/won't make a small Big Top, is the solution a 650b ARC??

Come on, Yeti, throw a bone for short racers who want the magic of the best HT frame ever made but can't ride a medium Big Top!