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    Any ASR-5 front triangles still available? Yeti direct?

    This is going to sound stupid but I'm interested in replacing my perfectly good black ano Small ASR-5 with turquoise.

    This would solely be a color swap. I bought the black when I thought I was too slow and too fat to ride the signature Yeti color. Now I'm thinner, faster, and, most importantly, realize that I can ride whatever the hell color I want.

    When the ASR-5s were being marked down and selling fast, the last frames they stocked were Turquoise. I'm hoping there are still some hanging around.
    The 29er experiment proved that 26" wheels were just fine and that 650b wheels are completely unnecessary.

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    Call 'em

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    lovin' my slate gray frame, and i was really close to buying lime or turquoise.
    ... new turq shorts will go great!

    The black frame will be more flexible for color accessorizing

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    If you find a complete frame that you want the front trianlge from, and are looking for an extra rear triangle, or want to sell the black front, let me know. I have an extra rear triangle that had a crack and has been repaired by a reputable firm from Sweden.

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