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    Any ASR-5 front triangles still available? Yeti direct?

    This is going to sound stupid but I'm interested in replacing my perfectly good black ano Small ASR-5 with turquoise.

    This would solely be a color swap. I bought the black when I thought I was too slow and too fat to ride the signature Yeti color. Now I'm thinner, faster, and, most importantly, realize that I can ride whatever the hell color I want.

    When the ASR-5s were being marked down and selling fast, the last frames they stocked were Turquoise. I'm hoping there are still some hanging around.
    Yeti ASR-5
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    Call 'em

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    lovin' my slate gray frame, and i was really close to buying lime or turquoise.
    ... new turq shorts will go great!

    The black frame will be more flexible for color accessorizing

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    If you find a complete frame that you want the front trianlge from, and are looking for an extra rear triangle, or want to sell the black front, let me know. I have an extra rear triangle that had a crack and has been repaired by a reputable firm from Sweden.

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