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    2011 575, ProPedal lever switches on it's own.

    I noticed that when my shock is in Propedal and I do a decent in-between climbs, the lever switches out of pro pedal by itself. I suppose it's a blessing because sometimes I forget to switch out of Propedal and halfway down a single track I'll reach down and it's already out.

    Is this normal?

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    I dunno, but my pro pedal seems to make no difference at all.

    Is pro pedal supposed to lock the shock nearly out?

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    mine works great. and it definetely makes it way more stiffer.

    this will probably depend on air pressure. the more air in the shock, the more propedal makes a diff. i run about 225psi cuz im about 180 all geared up
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    Mine does that on my ASR5. Only when I'm using a lot of travel, so I assumed it's a built in safety feature. Doesn't worry me though, I often forget to switch over anyway.

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    The PP lever is not supposed to work on its own. check if the PP dial on the lever is seated properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moneycash View Post

    Is pro pedal supposed to lock the shock nearly out?

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