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    Winter Indoor Training

    Hi All,

    I have a spin-bike at home but am thinking of trying Rollers.

    I'd like to here some ideas and thoughts on indoor training and IF rollers are a good thing for mtbers...


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    I like training outdoors much, much better, enough so that I'll go ride in the cold. But, if you live in a place (like me) where the weather makes it absolutely impossible to ride outside at times, then training inside becomes a must. Four-hour rides on the trainer are no fun, but they can be bearable - good music helps, as does video (last year's race videos are great for training).

    Rollers are fine for MTBers, but I wouldn't ride your MTB on them unless you swap out tires for slicks. I swap the rear tire for a slick on the trainer, and if you're on rollers you should change both tires. Go for something fairly low-volume/high-pressure so they won't deform too much around the roller and create lots of wear and resistance.
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