Hey guys, I've had this bike for about 2 months now and am looking to upgrade the stock fork due to it being so rigid, and no responsive. It's a Spinner Edge A-1. It cramped my hand really bad on the GMR. I do ride frequently around the trails in the San Gab's. Sam Merrill,Chantry Flats, La Tuna.
Most of my riding involves simple Fireroads up, Singletracks down, mild technical terrain.
I do like to jump a little bit when i can, nothing to crazy, 1-2ft Max.
Will i need a 100mm/120mm/or 140mm fork?. My budget will be around $200 i think.
I know im limited to several options, Tora 318-Recon 351, What other RS shock should i get if i find a good deal online/ebay?

Thank You.