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    Training while commuting

    Ok.. So my commitment to my self is to move up to CAT 2 by 2014 Sea Otter.. That said, I am a single father with primary custody of a 9 year old boy. That make my time very limited during the week. I can get out for a good ride once during the week and on Sat and Sunday.

    I commute to work 3 days a week. If I take the short way its 2 miles, the long way is 5 each way.. There is also other errands that I do during the day for work so 12-15 miles is easy to do, just not at the same time. How can I best utilize these miles for training purposes?

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    I commute to work 4.5 miles each way, 5 days a week through all kinds of weather all year long, usually ride my singlespeed. The route is mostly flat, 200' climbing, a little dirt and windy most of the time. I usually ride it at a very high cadence 100-150rpm's, I contribute my commute as a big plus for my racing successes last year, Cat 1 50+. I also do a fast paced road ride on Tuesday afternoons and a fast paced mtb ride on Thursdays as well as weekend rides.

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