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    Tire Pressures running Tubed

    To many problems with tubeless so I'm going back to tubes for the rest of the season. Looking for recommended tire pressures for Racing Ralphs 29 x2.25 F&R 170 lbs. rider on FS bike.

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    Probably around 30 pounds... Depends how hard you are riding.

    I borrowed a Jamis Dakar for a Super D race earlier in the season. 30 pounds felt great in the tires for general trail riding, but as soon as I started the race I wound up with a double flat front + rear.

    Point being, it depends on how hard you ride!
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    I ride with tubes on a 26" HT (160lbs). 26.x2.25 Nobby nic front and rear. 30 psi front and 35 psi rear. Seems work good with good traction and ride, but minimal chance for pinch flats. There is still a risk which is why I don't go under 35 rear.
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    I'm 190+ on 29er IKONs and I found best for me to be 26F and 28R. It's still not the softest but I don't like too soft as the tires get squirmy

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    I still use tubes and generally go 21 front and 24 rear on my rigid SS. In 8 years of racing (with well over 100 races, including many 8 hour solos) I never had a flat. I race at 145 lbs.
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    jscot- You have already seen the myriad of answers here, and that is because there are so many variables. I think your best best is to carry two tubes on your training rides and a small pump. Overinflate your tires a bit and write down what pressure they are.

    Now ride on a course that is similar to your race courses and includes some bit of everything you may encounter. As you are riding take mental notes (or stop and take written) for the first lap. Examples: Rocky section-rear tire bouncing all over. Hardpack mid speed turns front wants to wash out etc. Then lower pressure some, note pressures and try again and FEEL the results.

    Keep doing this over the course of a few rides while also paying attention to your riding style. If you live in a rocky area, and plow over and through rocks instead of slight weaving through them, you will need more pressure than most. Also, if you are a sitter and not a stander on downhills, rough sections etc-you will too.

    I say you should work on your tubeless set up if you are willing to spend the time and maybe a little coin. I have done countless tubeless setups -mostly ghetto and ghetto/retail combos. So I may have some ideas for you. PM me your setup (rim, tape or tubeless convert liner, tire choice, PSI ran when you had problems, FS or HT, riding style (butterfly or bull), sealant used and how much, and issue you are having with the setups. I may not have a direct answer but I may have some suggestions. My personal opinion is that tubeless is the way to go for racing. It is so much quicker to slam a CO2 on, thread a tire plug (or two!) in the hole and let the remaining sealant do the work while you pedal away. I know not all flats are that easy, but I would bet a good 80% are.
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