Well today was the last of the Warrior Society Sundown Sprint Series and it was HOT. Luckly the race is in a canyon so we were in the shade most of the time. That didnt stop the heat though. It sure gets to you during the race. The race started about 30 min from the schedule start time which helped a lot. The temps were a bit cooler but it was still warm. Since this was the last race they decided to do a Lemans style start. We had our bikes to the side and ran one lap around the grassy field and then proceeded to start. Running in stiff soled shoes gets tricky. Well we were off and I was already feeling tired. The climbs just kept on going up and with the added heat it made it feel even longer. The hike-a-bike section was the tiring part. A steep grade with loose dirt made it really fun walking up. The warrior trail was very difficult with the heat. I had lost all senses and I couldnt concetrate heading down. I had two falls but I managed to get out alright. The last leg of the race I was starting to feel better. Again still struggling from the heat, but I managed to catch up to Matt (who was leading for a bit) I passed him up on the last climb and the rest was downhill from there. I finished with a time of 36.03 second in a group of 5. Chirs V had changed the classes around a bit. The 15-17 would now be the 15-18 so I was racing guys with my age. For the overall result I placed first. I thought it was a great race put on by the Warrior Society and I hope they get more races out. Some pics from the race.

The ride

Me and Matt


Just starting

Finishing up, feeling a little tired.....