Need some input from others on choosing a bike to do interval training. I am putting together a training program for myself this fall/winter that will include some interval training a couple times a week and I am in need of an inexpensive stationary bike. I had a gym membership last year to rehab a separated shoulder and preferred a recumbent bike versus a upright stationary or spin bike to start an exercise program once I was cleared by my doc. I progressed into doing intervals for about 8 weeks. I'd never really performed intervals prior to this, but once I was cleared to ride trail again I was surprised how much I can endurance I had gained.

My goal is ride some 6 hour races and a 50+ mile race of back country singletrack trails in Western NC next year. I don't have a road bike and don't have another bike to dedicate to a trainer so I am really looking at picking up a inexpensive stationary bike for interval training only rides. Something that is less than $250 is ideal. Don't need bells and whistles, just something that is relatively comfortable and will provide necessary resistance for the sprint interval with the ability to drop the resistance quickly for the recovery interval. Any suggestions out there? I've found a couple bikes online through sears that look decent but wanted to check the forums here to see what others are doing. Thanks in Advance!