So I'm trying to determine if the Specialized Turbo Elite computer auto-starts logging ride time & mileage, and re-starts on its own after going into sleep mode once the wheel starts turning again. My wife's Cateye Kosmos has that function, but a crash late last year tore up the wiring and it looks like replacements are no longer available. As luck would have it, I found a Turbo Elite on a recent trip to Moab, but before I buy the still-available 2nd bike kit, I wanted to make sure it has the same auto-start capability that the Cateye had. Anyone know? I DL'ed & read the manual, but it's not entirely clear. BTW, if the found-on-trail computer is yours, tell me the date & trail it was lost on, and I'll ship it to you pronto. TIA,
- Joe