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    seat post bottle cage that won't eject

    I need to start carrying a second bottle. I bought this topeak cagemount awhile back for my seat post and havn't used it yet: Topeak® Cycling Accessories ? Products - CageMount

    whats a cage that won't eject? I've heard specialized rib. also getting one of those metal cages and bending it(heard this will eventually crack bottle). also heard of a cage bontrager makes that has a knob on it that tightens bottle but I can't find it. i dont really want to spend more than $10 so a metal cage may be the only option.

    are the side loader cages less prone to ejection?

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    curious to hear anything here so doing a quick bump - i gave up and just started to run a minimalist hydration pack/camelback, especially with lame bottle clearance on my Epic frame with the rear shock. I lose a ton of fluids. Plus dealing with bottles while redlining it sucks.

    But so do packs, no matter how small (heat, adding to back pain, etc)

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    no an aluminum cage being bent won't crack a water bottle unless you
    are using a crappy bottle

    best cage/bottle combo are camelbak podium bottles and
    a plastic cage like this. Bike24 - Ghost Water Bottle Cage Plastic

    that bottle will not come out unless you want it out.
    but it needs some vertical clearance. on a seat tube I use aluminum
    cages and bend them great and a normal bike waterbottle
    like camelbak will not crack, there is no way they will crack.

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    Specialized Rib Cage. Gorilla Cage.

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    I've seen some peeps use a large rubber band (in various fashions) to hold the bottle in the cage. Might be your cheapest/most reliable option.

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    I've used these for probably over 20 years, there might be better out there by now, but I think I've broken one in all that time and can't ever remember launching a bottle. Granted, I mainly have them on road bikes these days, but in the precamelback era, they were the only cage I found that worked.

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