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    Quote Originally Posted by sbsbiker View Post
    As for good brakes...With the cross world going to disc brakes, a monster cross w/ 29er wheels and hydro disc brakes could be a reality in the near future.
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    Here you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulser View Post
    Why didn't you just use a 2x10 crankset?
    I suppose I should've mentioned this is my gravel grinder bike, not an XC bike, and my gearing needs are different.

    I tried a 26x38 double paired with an 11x28 road cassette. The low gear was fine, but the 38x11 wasn't big enough, and the derailleur was too far from the cassettes to shift well. I could've just mounted the 11x34 cassette to fix that, but then i would have a uselessly low low gear and I would still have the big gear issue.

    I thought about mounting a larger outer ring, but the inner ring on a 2x10 uses a 64mm bolt circle, can't get a big enough 64mm ring to pair with a 42 or 44 outer ring and still have it shift as it should. Well, not for a reasonable price. I already had the triple, so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by millertm View Post
    Those are bb5 not hydros

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