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    Post you favorite training links!

    I've noticed that there are many websites out ther with great training advice as well as some cool coaches home pages. We should get them all on one post. So post your favorite training links.

    Here are some of mine (Note: I don't endorse them, I just find them!):

    From Ashwinearl (thanks! Cool blog too):


    blast from the past, cut/paste from archived MTB DOC posts


    That ought to keep you busy for a while!
    The standing eight count & three knockdown rules are in effect on this trail.

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    ~video~ No handed I.L.T.s on the rollers.

    I'm poor, broke,busted,disgusted and can't be trusted!

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    you're such a troll...HAHAHA

    I seem to remember people here calling you a troll for saying you could do No-Handed ILTs on rollers.

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