• 01-06-2013
    Northeast Race Series Preference?
    I'm planning on racing either the Root 66 or EFTA/NECS series this season and try to complete all of the races in a particular series. Does anyone have any preference on which one is run better or has more fun courses?
    Thanks for any input.
  • 01-07-2013
    Both have fun courses.

    I usually do the Root 66 series as they have more races closer to my home. A couple of venues changed their courses last year and really raised the bar as far as courses go (Grafton Ponds and Stonewall Farm).

    On the other hand, EFTA is much quicker in getting results up at the races and online. EFTA also lets you buy a 1 day license no matter what level you are. If you choose to do the EFTA series an annual license is only $24.
  • 01-08-2013
    Last year was my first season racing, other than the occasional event here and there over the years. I did 3 EFTA events and 4 Root 66 events. Enjoyed all of them and I did not notice much difference between the two. My choices were primarily based on which events were closest to me.

    One thing to consider is the number of events - in 2012 the EFTA series had 8 races and the Root 66 series had 14 races, that may influence which you want to do. Seems like many racers do some of both series.
  • 01-08-2013
    Thanks for the info. I kind of wanted to commit to one and do as many races as I could. Certainly the EFTA races of 8 is much more achievable. I think many of the Root 66 races listed on their site aren't for points though. I thought both series had 8 races which they use for points...
    I've been leaning towards EFTA because they automatically promote riders out of categories where as Root 66 is on the honor system. Having played a lot of pool in my day in handicapped leagues, I'm not a fan of sandbagging so hopefully there will be less of that in EFTA...
  • 01-08-2013
    i do probably 5 of the root 66 series races a year and then hit some endurance events. i think the root 66 stuff is pretty well run. my entry is always on file from online sign up and the course is always marked. on a saturday race the results are usually up by wednesday. not really sure what else i could want from a race org. i am pretty laid back and try to stay away from the politics, i just show up and ride and always have a good time. they are also pretty prompt on the starting times which is nice.

    as far as sandbagging goes i am only a cat 3 so take this with a grain of salt. i know one race i did the winner of my cat and age group was ahead by ten minutes and within minutes of him finishing he was promptly moved up. so i don't think sandbagging is that big of a deal..
  • 01-08-2013
    Cool... The Landmine Classic (Root 66) at Wompatuck was run very well. There's a lot to be said for a well organized event.
  • 01-09-2013
    bad news
    I did some EFTA events last year. They were fine. My only complaint is in having way too many age brackets in a dying sport that doesn't get the turnout of days of old.

    I think what series you run mostly depends on how you feel about NORBA / USAC and how close you are to the events.
  • 05-20-2013
    So, I went with Root 66 and have done three of the four races so far. I also raced Weeping Willow in the EFTA/NECS series simply because I live in MA, was tired of travelling to CT and I also really like riding Willowdale.
    EFTA/NECS has a huge edge with their reporting of times/placement. They print out the results as they are happening and post them for all to see as the finishers come in. They also had their results posted online by the time I got home from the race. Root 66 takes a few days to post results and also does not post results as they happen on race day.

    The comment above about the low turn out at the EFTA/NECS events is surprising. At Willowdale I found the 50 person starting group in the cat 2 (sport) 30-39 bracket to be a bit large. The Root 66 events have had a manageable turnout, but it does seem my group is always the largest one at the race with the mens 40-49 cat 2 being pretty close and large numbers as well. I do think the age groups could be split up a bit more between 30-49, or perhaps start a long distance cat 3 category so some of the lesser skilled cat 2 riders can cat down but do a longer race which is the only reason why I can imagine some of them ride cat 2 since they often can't ride over a 6 inch log. It does seem like there are several groups with less than 10 riders entered which does seem a bit cumbersome but that doesn't really seem to change my day much so I don't really care...
  • 06-01-2013
    Does the mass series cross over any of these areas at all?

    I'm ready to move and hopefully back north. I have been wondering what the series were like up there. Our biggest promoter is goneriding.com down here and they do an awesome job with everything, if you ever get a chance come out for a race. The closest one for the north east will be in VA in a couple weeks.