Hi, I'm just about to pay for a Commencal Supernormal (non-disc version because it's in a sale), but I can still opt for a different bike, so I've come here for opinions.
(The story so far...)
About two weeks ago I had the shop build up a Combi S disc for me to try out. It was great, amazing value, but the fork let it down slightly. The guys said they could let me see some forks they had on sale and they'd just fit it on for free etc, so I had made my decision on a Combi S, with a Rockshox revelation air I think it was. So I went in yesterday with my credit card and was just browsing around before I got served. I noticed the Supernormal, and prefered the look. It too is great value and Commencal's frame detailing is really perfect and clean-cut. The whole bike looked stunning and weight was non-existant. The guy was really helpful and said of course I can go for it instead - he didn't want to sell me something I'd later regret.
So at the moment, I'm waiting until tomorow so I can phone the shop and get one - they only have three, and the sale ends on saturday, so I have to decide yes or no by then.
Has anybody ridden one? Does the spec. list look good? Baisically I need the decision from somebody who knows a lot about XC bikes (I'm a downhiller)...