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    Mountain bike specific breathing techniques?

    Are there any good articles on breathing techniques for mountain biking? Specifically for climbing.

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    Practice belly breathing - use your diaphragm.

    Focus on exhaling completely. Your body will take care of the inhalation. Exhalation should take about 2x as long as inhalation.

    Here's a reference: CYCLING PERFORMANCE TIPS -

    They say 2:3 inhale:exhale. I have learned 1:2 inhale:exhale ratio.

    They are saying to synchronize breathing with pedaling. Your breathing rate should probably be 20 - 24 breaths per minute up to 30 per minute for maximum short term efforts. So with a pedal cadence of 60, you should be breathing 1 cycle (inhale + exhale) for every 2 to 3 pedal cranks. Adjust as needed for 80 or 100 rpm pedal cadence.

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    I don't even know what to say except stop pedaling.

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    Google "belly breathing".

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    I try to pretend to not to out of breath so my competition doesnt know Im winded.

    Other than that, I slightly purse my lips to regulate flow. I bet you do that naturally though.
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    I have always seemed to hold up better at the hardest part of the climb/effort by forcing my exhales, with a little resistance from nearly closed lips (like above I think).

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    Never thought too much about it. Ill try the big exhale. Ill take every bit I can get. Thanks

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    Just like with running, controlling your breathing is very important. When you catch yourself getting out of breath, try to slow the breaths down by inhaling through your nose and mouth for 2 seconds and exhaling for 3-4 seconds. Slowing your breathing down can ultimately get your heart rate under control to keep pushing.

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    Mountain bike specific breathing techniques?

    Not to mention just opening up your breathing/heart space. During tough climbs, instead of crunching down and tensing up, concentrate on relaxing your arms, shoulders, and torso as best you can, straighten up to get good chest expansion, and find your breath.

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