I work a job that affords me breaks dispersed throughout the year. Notable a month off over the holidays, a week in January, two weeks in March, three months during the summer, a week in October, and a week in November.

I have planned out my training year and, due to my schedule, I am on the trainer a lot. I don't mind it too much because its the only option I have. With that being said, when my mini-vacations come, I get outside EVERYDAY. I usually try to get on my mountain bike. I still have a structured plan for those rides, but they are on dirt.

A local Cat 1 racer was talking about having 8 days off from work in a row and using them as a mini-training camp. He has built those hours into his yearly plan and uses them as a mini-training camp.

What is the collective opinion here on this concept? My break in January corresponds to my first week of Build 1, so I would be able to really put in some good time, but should I really abandon my plan that I have already made?

I was considering taking a few weeks in the summer (July) and doing another round of base training before cyclocross season in September, so that is a little deviation from my typical plan...