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    how heavy are you ??
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    I might be in the wrong place....

    My wife has an issue with weight loss. She is a 36 year old gal that has been obese for greater part of 17 years.
    At age 21 she gave birth to her second son and weighed about 160. Was bed ridden for the last trimester, ate her way through it and gained about 100 lbs. Subsequently her internist thinks her metabolism is shot. Since then the yo-yo dieting started. 6 years ago I met her when she was at her low point about 180.
    The backside of the story getting down to 180 was she was starving herself, working out like crazy and achieving her goal of being “normal”. It took her a long time to get back to her unhealthy weight of nearly 300.
    A couple of years ago we started looking into a lap-band procedure. The insurance wasn’t really interested in helping her since all of her labs and I mean all of her labs have her looking like an athlete. Zero co morbidities, really none. No high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar is good,
    Since January of this year she has been on Byeatta 2 times a day (it’s a diabetic medication to curb hunger, reduce the sugar spikes that come from eating too much). It works like a charm! Her appetite is next to nothing, and the weight starts to come off like crazy.
    Loses 60 lbs. up until September, she is feeling better about herself dressing nicer, working out etc. Enters a few mini triathlons and finishes, yeah! And even cycles on the road with me 
    Very little to no weight loss since September, eats about 1200 calories a day. Swims 30 lengths of the pool 3 times a week. Does the weights and elliptical too, sometimes working out twice in one evening. Nothing changing for her as of late, clothes is getting looser on her. Her weight is the same. She is getting frustrated on the lack of results.
    Any ideas, is she eating too little? She does spread the calories around throughout the day, eats pretty healthy AFAIK.
    Thanks in advance
    P.S.this is my busy season, I will get back to you ..
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    Eating to little , body is functioning in starvation mode , eat more to lose more . IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ.MTNS
    Eating to little , body is functioning in starvation mode , eat more to lose more . IMHO
    i agree, my wife has a hard time with that also. she is far from over weight, but has a high body fat %.
    i have to make sure she eats enough so we can get her bodyfat % down.
    me: i'm just a fat guy that loves to eat. am losing weight though.

    i'm on the eat what ever you want diet, but exercise enough so it doesn't matter. slowly cutting back on things like soda and snacks. seems to work good for me.
    i'm down 20lbs in the last 4 months.
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    Even if she is eating too little (her metabolism has probably slowed down) she would still loose fat if was expending more energy than she was taking in. If she has been doing the same types of exercises and eating the same types of foods for a while then why not try changing it up. Give the body a new stimulus to have to adapt to. If she has been doing long steady state cardio and separate static weight training sessions then give something new like interval training a try as the body tends to adapt to what it regularly does. The same tends to be true with foods so trying new types can make a difference as well.
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    "Nothing changing for her as of late, clothes is getting looser on her. Her weight is the same. She is getting frustrated on the lack of results."

    Am I reading this correctly? (re: clothes getting looser) if so, then consider that body weight is not always the only measurement to watch. I would suggest that you try to keep her focused on the positive improvements, which in this case is in bold type. If she is enjoying the exercise etc and her size is decreasing then focus on that, let her get on with the important job of establishing (or continuing) a healthy lifestyle.

    Change your methods of measuring results to waist girths, arm girths etc for the time being, still record weight but consider both, a change in one is still a change in regards to body composition. Without a dexoscaner or underwater weighing tank trying to measure her progress,your measurement methods will not be an exact science, so look at the whole picture. Dont miss the forest for the trees!

    On another note, following the use of Byeatta (which as you know messes with insulin release and glucose absorption) I would suggest you talk with someone who has a knowledge of both diabetic drugs and exercise/nutrition. You have an interwoven situation that requires an appriciation of both sides. Maybe search for some diabetic clinics (or where you where given the Byeatta) and ask who they would recomend?

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    "frustrated with no results". To me they look like brilliant results.

    Look back a little. Those results you've mentioned are what most people would be VERY happy with.

    Maybe your wife's not eating enough !?
    I'm sure you guys know this but..... if you don't eat enough the body metabolism slows.

    Exercising twice in an evening is for hard core in my view. Even ultra athletes don't usually do that.
    Train hard, rest hard.

    Be patient (this part is very hard) - sometimes we have dull spots where things don't seem to progress. These are a part of life and we grow during them (we never know it at the time though ). The mental growth during those quiet moments/months is huge. It's the time where we work positively on our mental discipline.

    The best part of all this is the enormous feeling of wellbeing, mental strength and personal power she must be developing from doing what she's doing.

    Well Done! Keep up the Good Work.

    P.s. Fock the scales! They are a guide. Nothing more. Weigh once a week.... or month... or something.

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    Buy her P90X for Christmas. Let Tony and the gang go mid evil on her ass.

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    She has hit a weight loss plateau.

    Step 1 slowly bring her calories up a bit, make sure she feels pleasantly full at each meal rather than in a deficit. Do this for 4-7 days. There may be a bit of scale weight gain but don't worry.

    Step 2 back off her exercise intensity and frequency for the same time period as above.

    Step 3 after she feels like her metabolism and energy levels are reset then continue exercising and bring her calories back down to where she feels like she is in a calorie deficit again (1200-1400) Make sure to vary this from week to week so her metabolism doesn't get "stuck" again.

    Step 4 as said in others posts make sure to vary the frequency, intensity time and type of exercises she is doing so that her body does not adapt to the same routine week after week.

    Hope this helps-she will lose the weight and her metabolism isn't shot, just be patient.
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    The body has started to fight to survive

    This whole episode is pretty weird from the body's point of view and now you are working at cross purposes. It sounds like a loss of perspective confounded by a lack of knowledge. 2fst4u's input is pretty interesting. However because of the radical nature of this effort a new authority needs to be consulted.

    I admire the effort here but more is needed here than raw determination and starvation. Best wishes.

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    This is no joke!

    This diet. Ok scratch that, this lifestyle did wonders for me and my Fiance'. You aren't dieting you are just changing what you eat and how you live. I am far from overweight. I was weighing around 155 during the off season and racing at about 145. I'm 5'6" and quite competetive in XC races. I decided to train for a 100 miler last year. Although I didn't look fat I knew I could loose a few pounds around the waist. We started this plan and I lost close to 20lb.'s and have been able to hold it off. I raced the LJ 100 weighing 135lb.'s. I'm now weighing about 140 during the off-season and have been kinda slacking on the plan so I need to regroup. I plan on getting back to 135 or maybe a bit less. It took a bit to adjust but this really works and it is healthy. My Fiance' had similar success. The plan eliminates carb.'s and other foods that store fat. I was concerned about the loss of carb.'s and my energy levels but it had know effect. I actually felt like I had more energy. Give it a shot but it really needs to be a household thing where everyone in the family eats this way or it will be a pain in the ass to cook and grocery shop. Good Luck.

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