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    Help with fitting in base training

    Cross season ends mid January for me. The plan was to take a couple week break then start a base phase And work my way up to the xc races at the end of March. Now some team mates want to do the winter short track series that ends late February. Any suggestions on base training through the short track races?

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    My experience with proper base training is that some intensity is okay. I imagine that the short track race is probably what 20-40 minutes, one day a week? No problem.

    The problem is that the logistics of doing that race might reduce your overall base riding time for the day. It would be ideal to ride to the short track race, then race, then ride back home for a nice total daily ride time (2-3 hours). When I get into true base riding mode, i try to build up to 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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    If the activity adds to your FTP then it is part of "base" training. The thing that needs to be managed is the corresponding recovery.

    You may not be doing mega long rides during this period but that really doesn't matter.

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