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    Gripshifts with double cranks

    So for my new build for the upcoming season (ill post the final product soon ) I have decided to run XO gripshifts! My question is, I am also running a SRAM XX double crank and I am not sure how to limit the shifters so I dont accidentally shift in to my non-existent big ring.
    Any suggestions?

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    The limits are on the derailleur, not the shifter, set them and you're good to go! In fact, most people who have been running double cranks for years have prefered Grip Shifts, the 'in-between' clicks of the front shifter lets you run any gear combo with no chain rub on the front derailleur.


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    ^^ What he said.

    I've finally got a bike w/ a 2 ring crankset and XO grip shifters, and I'm blown away by how fast the shifting is! The ability to trim the front derailleur is nice too.

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    Essentially you are setting the dérailleur and shifter up like you are running a small ring and a middle ring. Just limit what would be the big ring, and use the bottom 2/3s of the shifter. Low limit screws are set the same as with a standard crank.

    Also, I ran into this using an XTR front D, if you have a crank with a very low Q factor (like the SBC double), you may have to switch the high limit screw out with a longer one from a different der. model. The XTR screws may not be long enough.
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